Pampered DOGS Get $2,300 ESCALATOR StairLift!

Pippa the long-haired Dachshund with friends Millie and Heidi enjoying a ride on the stairlift |

In recent years, the Pet World has risen in status as more and more people are pampering their pooches. Taking our dogs for walks is no longer enough, the existence of doggie day care, high-end spas and hotels are now a normal part of everyday life, but three West Yorkshire Dachshunds just got a whole new upgrade: a $2,300 US (£1,500) stairlift!

Mrs. Lee and her three Dachshunds |

Sheila and Harry Lee of Ossett, West Yorkshire, England recently installed a stair-lift in their home - not for themselves but for their six-year-old Dachshund named Pippa. It was after Pippa's recent $7,600 US (£5,000) spine operation that the couple grew concerned about the strain that Pippa and their dogs Millie (age 7) and Heidi (age 6) might be putting on their spines.

The Dachshunds take the easy way up |

“We saw an advertisement for the stairlift and thought 'Why not?',” said Mrs Lee, 57, she told the Daily Mail. “When the company we bought it from rang up a few weeks ago to see how we were getting on with it, they were flabbergasted when I told them it was for the dogs. “I bet they thought that I’d lost my marbles.”

According to Mrs. Lee, the Dachshunds were struggling up the steep steps to reach their bedroom where they sleep. She explains “Dachshunds often develop back problems,” according to the Daily Mail.

Mrs. Lee's Pampered Dachshunds from left - right: Pippa, Heidi and Millie |

Mrs. Lee, adopted the dogs five years ago from the West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, where she is also a volunteer. Mr. and Mrs. Lee trained their Dachshunds to ride up on the stairlift by rewarding them with treats after each successful attempt was completed. 

Want to see a real DOG Stairlift in action? Click here read more about the Birth of the World's First DOG Stair Lift!

SOURCE: Daily Mail


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