Watch this DOG Perform the Forbidden DANCE!

Is this DOG performing the forbidden dance? | YouTube

The Lambada has been known as the forbidden dance with origins from forró, salsa, merengue, maxixe and the carimbó. While many humans are striving to master this art form, one DOG has managed to stir up the dancing Pet World with moves that will amaze you!

How did this Chihuahua learn to salsa dance so well? According to the YouTube channel, Stuart, the dancing dog taught himself to salsa dance using little more than a leash to help balance himself. He must have been really motivated by the music inorder to move so well! Watch while this pooch move his hind legs and turns to the rhythm of the music. In most cases, he's a better dancer than most humans!

Video: Watch this Chihuahua burn up the dance floor!

Bonus Video: Watch Stuart closeup with more moves that will amaze you!


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