Cannonball Dogs!

Dog does cannonball in video by Devin Graham

Slow motion often gives us the minute details of a fast-action sequencing normally not seen with the naked eye. For example, the famous Matrix back-bending, dodging bullet scene or the slow whipping of the hair of a model in a shampoo commercial. 

Dog does cannonball, shot at 1,000 fps.  
In this case, it’s underwater dogs! We’ve seen the amazing Underwater Dogs pictures by Seth Casteel, this video takes it to a whole new level by capturing frame-by-frame sequencing. Sponsored by the makers of Orapup and produced by Daniel Harmon and Kaitlin Snow, this incredibly fun video is directed by extreme sports videographer Devin Graham. The video was shot using a Fastcam and Phantom camera and shot at 1,000fps-2,500fps.

Dog does cannonball dive
Paired with the music of Scott & Brendo: Deep Blue, this video simply captures the determination and eagerness of pooches trying to catch their favorite toys. The video is simply fun to watch and will certainly bring a smile to your face. Happy Friday!  

Will there be a 3D version next?

Watch the video here:


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