SHOCKINGLY FUNNY: 2 DOGS Who Stole Christmas!

Is this the new holiday classic?: How 2 dogs stole Christmas? | YouTube via Maymo

Holiday classics are always fun to watch during this time of year. Remember your favorite holiday icons featuring reindeers, snowmen, the Peanuts and the “Grinch”? These classics have been around for over 3 decades and have been enjoyed by several generations. So what possibly can top that? 2 dogs named Maymo and Penny, better known on the internet, are about to change the holiday spirit. Will this be a new holiday classic? You won't want to miss the shocking ending that will leave you falling off your seat!

With a video featuring the wild antics of two dogs posing as reindeers, a wild ransacking escapade leads to canine mischief as they leave one homeowner with a very big surprise.  

VIDEO: How 2 dogs steal the spirit of Christmas!


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